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1/3 Of Women Say That They Would Love To Change THIS About Their Partner

What is it?



Hafiz, Guibo and RD talks about the ladiesss.

On Trivia Tuesday  (19 May) Guibo shares that one third of women says they would love to change this about their partner… what is it?

RD guessed

“I would say the amount of times a guy showers… because sometimes it’s one or never”-RD

Almost true! Hafiz says

“If they can change something…it’s the way we sleep! Because most men snore. So, if they can sleep silently, that would be great for women”-Hafiz

The third guess, Hafiz and RD said  that women would love for men… to be more attentive!

But Guibo says all three answers were INCORRECT

The correct answer is: TABLE MANNERS

Here’s a few of Fly’s Rakyat responses to this question

If you were to change one thing about your partner, what would it be?

Listen to more of the conversation here!

Also, since raya is coming in a short few days, here are ‘Types Of People When Asking For Duit Raya’

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