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10 Character Departures That Actually Made The Show Better

Bye bye, we don’t need you!



It’s perfectly normal, to have raging anger towards a character of a show you’re binging on, or just simply not like them. Sometimes, character departures breathe fresh life into the show! One of the best things about TV drama’s is that it allows viewers to invest in the stories and characters over the course of several seasons. If a character is well written and a story is compelling, we’re going to root for them but if they are lacklustre, we say bye bye. That’s what makes these shows so entertaining to watch.

So here it is, 10 character departures that actually made the show better:

 1. Beck — You

New GIF on Giphy | Elizabeth lail, Penn badgley, Series moviesPinterest

2. Vanessa — Gossip Girl

253 images about XOXO Gossip Girl😻💯💥💍 on We Heart It | See more about  blair waldorf, gossip girl and chuck bassWe Heart It

3. Robb and Catelyn — Game of Thrones

Game Of Thrones Catelyn Stark GIF - GameOfThrones CatelynStark RobbStark -  Discover & Share GIFsTenor

4. Elena — The Vampire Diaries

elena x caroline | TumblrTumblr

5. Skye — 13 Reasons Why

💀Skye Miller💀 | Wiki | 13 Reasons Why ‣ AminoAmino Apps

6. Mutt — Schitt’s Creek

Mutts GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHYGiphy

7. Pierce — Community

Excuse Me GIF - Community ChevyChase Pierce - Discover & Share GIFsTenor

8. Miss Grundy — Riverdale

13 Reasons Why Miss Grundy Called Our Attention in the Worst Way | Maple  Magazine | Riverdale AminoAmino Apps

9. Jenny Humphrey — Gossip Girl

Pin on MEMES & GIFSPinterest

10. Laurel Lance — Arrow

ARROW Season 4 | Laurel Lance SpoilerGetting Anything On Arr GIF | GfycatGfycat


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