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10 Characters That Weren’t Evil, Just Broken

Which evil character are your favourite?




Villains are an essential part of any story. As much as we try to hate them, we end up somewhat loving them.

Oftentimes, the characters evil demeanours come from dark pasts that they endured, and can thoroughly empathize with. Here’s our love/hate characters we believe were not evil but just broken.

1. Maleficent

Maleficent was just trying to protect the one she loves! The so-called villain was already heart broken from a love that failed her.

2. Snape from Harry Potter

Snape is one complex character that can be difficult to explain. He may be unpleasant and often a feared individual, but he did have a good heart.  And as complicated as he may be, he did care for his students and was the best healer at Hogwarts. Believe it or not, though Madame Pomfrey does most of the healing, Professor Snape was also the person that Hogwarts turned to.

3. Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl

Chuck bass is the least favourite character among the TV drama, but there’s really more to him than we know. He’s a broken soul with the lack of love from both parents.

4. Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale

She may be the “mean girl” but she comes with good intentions too. She cares and would stand up for the people she cares for.

5. Megamind


The “Super villain” was brought up in prison! He’didn’t exactly grow up in an ideal situation-and probably wasn’t even destined for evil. He was more or less searching for his true identity.

6. Billy Hargrove from Stranger Things

He may have started as a bully, but the deeper we get to know the character, the more we sympathize with his dark past and realize he’s not so bad after all.

7. Plankton from SpongeBob SquarePants

Plankton is known as the “bad-guy” but he’s really just goal oriented and wants the best for his restaurant.

 8. Arthur Fleck from Joker

Arthur’s complicated background is undeniable. His intentions are pure but always misunderstood.

9. Loki by Marvel

Loki just wanted to be seen. Had Odin done some good parenting and not let Loki feel pushed aside, things would have been different for him!

10. Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter

Draco may have been a bully towards Harry Potter and his peers, but it all came from his dad being so hard on him and peer pressure. He shows his true character as a person when he refused to identify Harry, Hermione and Ron in Malfoy Manor, even though it would have helped his family to be at a better place in Voldy’s world.

Which evil character are your favourite?

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