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10 Easter Eggs Found In ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2

There were sparrows hidden in many scenes, indicating the cliffhanger!




There are shows that thrive in sprinkling out “Easter Eggs” here and there, in the knick and cronies, for fans to spot and find, and The Umbrella Academy does just that! “Easter Eggs” add a sense of flare to the film, it gives fans a challenge to figure and find out the little secrets in each episode. So here are some that we have found that would truly pique your interest for season 2 or the upcoming season 3!

1. If you look closely to the promotional poster that the series has put out, zoom in and you might have little scenes and moments from the show that you might have recognized. So sneaky…

Bloody Disgusting

And the blood smeared on Five’s face, would obviously explain the massacre when he killed the Commissions Board.

2. As an Umbrella Academy fan one will notice that in every opening scene, the editors and director has a unique way in introducing the show. The pictures below might give you sense on what we’re on about.


An interesting feature, that I personally look forward to catch!

3. Klaus’s cult worships his wisdom words, but  if you pay attention, it’s actually all from modern song lyrics. Which makes sense, considering his cult is called Destiny’s Children!


4. There were sparrows hidden in many scenes throughout season 2, indicating the cliffhanger of the Sparrow Academy reveal. Which we might get answers in season 3, fingers crossed! 


Don’t worry if you didn’t quite catch the sparrows sprinkled throughout the season, some are so tiny, easily could have missed them.


5. There were already hints sprinkled throughout Season 2, slowly revealing that Lila is one of the super-powered children born on October 1, 1989!

The fanboy SEO

If you paid attention to the conversations, you would have noticed that flashback to Lila’s parents’ death, we find out Lila was four years old in 1993, which could only mean that her age is as the same as the rest of the Umbrella Academy group. As well as in Episode 5, when Lila fights with Five, he is puzzled by how quickly she escapes from him when he uses his power to jump through space, which he later finds out that she can mirror their powers. I have to tell,  her powers might just be the coolest of them all.

6. When Diego was trapped at the Commission headquarters, you can see a woman carrying what appears to be Cha Cha’s mask.


Could Cha Cha still be alive? Didn’t the fire engulf her?

7. Notice how the Handler is frequently wearing spiders or any web-like accessories!


Because she is evil!!!

8. The fictional Hillenkoetter is in the Majestic 12, according to old folk tales it’s a group with real UFO conspiracy theorists believe actually exists to investigate aliens, and if you remember the revelation of the history, that Sir Reginald Hargreeves is actually an alien! 


9. The Southland Life Building, was a real building in Dallas in 1963, which is also the tallest one.

Flashback: Dallas

It’s not all fiction!

10. The footage whereby Sir Reginald Hargreeves was seen spotted at the scene moments before the President was killed is inspired by a real conspiracy about JFK’s assassination.

Town and Country Magazine

Mind blown!


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