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11 Famous Celebrity Siblings In Malaysia You Should Know

It looks like the expression “twice as nice” definitely rings true for many of these siblings pairs!



When it comes to siblings, it’s no surprise that plenty of them share the same talented gene. Be it actors, models and even second generation corporate leaders—the talent runs deep enough for prosperous careers all around. Here’s a look at our favorite 11 Malaysian siblings that makes us wish we are a part of their tribe! 

1. Noor Nabila, Noor Neelofa, Athisha Khan & Ameera Khan

2. Uqasha Senrose, Nelydia Senrose & Raysha Rizrose

3. Elfira Loy, Ezlisa Loy & Ezzrin Loy

4. Sharifah Aleya, Sharifah Amani, Sharifah Aryana & Sharifah Aleysha

5. Late Ashraf Sinclair, Aishah Sinclair & Adam Sinclair

6. SM Faisal, SM Nasarudin, SM Faliq & Nur Nadia

7. Syamsul Yusof & Syafiq Yusof

8. Emma Maembong & Chacha Maembong

9. Deborah & Rachel Henry

10. Erma Fatima, Umie Aida & Betty Rahmad

11. Syatilla, Syifa, Syafiqa & Syida Melvin

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