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10 Favourite TV Couples We Love

It’s nice to know that sometimes you can disappear into another world and visit your favourite characters.



It’s nice to know that sometimes you can disappear into another world and visit your favourite characters. And nothing can beat the wonderful feeling when our favourite couples love stories thrive on screen. That being said, some of the greatest love stories of all time come from our favourite fictional television characters. Here are the TV couples (in no particular order) who made us laugh, cry, and believe in love.


Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey – “Grey’s Anatomy”

Yes, tragedy ensues. But any couple that can magically transform an ER room into a site worthy of romantic dancing is a winner in our eyes. We watched them survive more hardships than most: failed trials, Addisons, almost-drownings, miscarriages, Derek’s beard phase, shootings, the president taking up all of Derek’s time, etc. The will-they-won’t-they relationship of “Grey’s Anatomy” made the show what it is. Throughout the series, this couple has had as much drama as they’ve had romance, and we love them.

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Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big – “Sex and the City”

Even if you never became obsessed with the late ’90s series “Sex and the City” when it originally aired, chances are you’ve caught an episode or two on the small screen throughout the years. The 10-plus year roller coaster romance constantly left fans at the edge of their seat throughout the seasons, wondering if the pair would ever ultimately end up together, or if the obstacles that came in their way were too strong to overcome. Despite their ups and down, Carrie and Mr. Big are meant to be.

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Lorelai Gilmore and Luke Danes – “Gilmore Girls”

Coffee brought them together, proving that you might just fall in love with that cute barista. Ever since the very first episode, fans of the dramedy knew these two lovable and unique characters would end up together. Their chemistry was undeniable. Unfortunately, it took four seasons for Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore to officially ignite that spark and announce that they did indeed want to be more than friends. Sure they messed it up a couple of times but fans never lost faith that the crazy single mum and rugged diner owner were perfect for each other.

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Ross Gellar and Rachel Green – “Friends”

First Ross was crushing on Rachel and she didn’t know; then she was crushing on him, and he was taken. They finally got together, only to go on a break … with terrible (hilarious) consequences. The will-they-or-won’t-they drama went on and on, as only an instant-classic sit-com could handle it. While they had their ups and downs, in the series finale, Rachel gets off her plane to Paris, realizing she’s in love with Ross and she wants to make it work. She comes home and tells, him “This is where I want to be.” Awww!

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Mike Chang and Tina Cohen Chang – “Glee”

Mike and Tina were adorable — he danced his way into her heart on “Glee”, and helped bring her out of her shell. Throughout seasons two and three of the series, the pair were a dedicated couple. Unfortunately, they were relegated to a lot of background scenes. Still, having a steady and dedicated couple was like an oasis from the continuous break-ups and make-ups of the rest. Together they navigated the halls of McKinley, and while they ultimately parted after high school, they stayed friends. And it’s that bond that the best relationships are built on.

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Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldrin – “How I Met Your Mother”

They’re the romantic ideal. That’s not to say we haven’t also been able to learn from their mistakes — mismatched career goals, in-law strife, homeownership, far-off job prospects. This is how you grow into adulthood with the love of your life without losing the kooky qualities that made you love each other in the first place. These two met in college and it was love at first sight. Their quirky, passionate, no-holds-barred love is proof they’re not just lovers — they’re best friends.

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Sheldon Cooper and Amy Fowler – “The Big Bang Theory”

The origins of Shamy are simple, yet legendary. Amy was online dating to appease her. Sheldon’s profile was created as a joke by Howard and Raj, with the couple first meeting at the end of Season 3. A match made in nerd heaven. Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler are basically a perfect couple, at least according to science.

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Elena and Damon – “The Vampire Diaries”

When a show establishes itself around a core romance such as Elena/Stefan, it’s not easy to switch gears. It’s to Vampire Diaries’ credit that the show pulled that off, swapping out Stefan for Damon, who ended the show as Elena’s true love. Not even a devastating sleeping spell can tear this soulmate-defying couple apart, or tear our eyes away from their beautiful romance.

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Chuck & Blair – “Gossip Girl”

The members of Manhattan’s elite may be manipulative, class-obsessed schemers, but there’s nothing these two wouldn’t do for one another. These two are perfectly suited for one another not despite their flaws, but because of them. They might look damaged to the rest of the world but together, they brought out the best in each other.

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Jim and Pam – “The Office”

Watching Jim joke through his secret love for engaged administrative assistant Pam was our way of sublimating our own office crush. We were worried that when they finally got together, the magic would be gone. We should have had more faith — there’s plenty of humour to be had in requited office love, too!

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