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10 Most Hurtful Breakup Scenes That Broke Our Hearts

“All I ever did was love you”




Watching two characters fall in love in a period of a few seasons, as a viewer you can’t help but get invested, but when they call it quits, it can evoke all sorts of emotions that most of the time results in us bawling our eyes out, with our knees crouched on the sofa. Maybe, it’s because we ourselves have personally dealt with a separation or a breakup and watching our fave onscreen couple not make it might just be rubbing it in, or maybe feel less alone in their sadness.

When they’re happy, we’re happy and when they’re crushed, we’re crushed. So here it is, the saddest TV breakups list:

1. Ross and Rachel — Friends

2. Archie and Josie — Riverdale

3. Spencer and Toby — Pretty Little Liars

4. Finn and Rachel — Glee


5. Chuck and Blair — Gossip Girl

6. Jess and Nick — New Girl

7. Fitz and Olivia — Scandal

8. Santana and Brittany — Glee

9. Marshall and Lily — How I Met Your Mother 

10. Lorelai and Luke — Gilmore Girls



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