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10 Really Famous Songs People Never Realized Are About Other Celebrities

Musicians often find inspiration in many places — and people




Musicians often find inspiration in many places, well, in this case other people. Because of this, it’s not too uncommon for popular songs to be inspired by iconic celebrity romances, famous feuds, or even inside jokes.

Here are some famous songs you probably never realized are about other celebrities:

1. All Too Well — Taylor Swift

This ballad was about her ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal.

2. Expectations — Lauren Jauregui 

The songstress wrote the song after then boyfriend Ty Dolla $ign came back late and did not tell her where he was. 

3.  Call Out My Name — The Weeknd 

This depicts his painful breakup with Selena Gomez.

4. Dear Mr. President — P!nk

It was an open letter to George W. Bush while he was in office that questioned his stance on homelessness and the Iraq war.


5. Still Feel Like Your Man — John Mayer’s

The singer wrote the song for his ex Katy Perry.

6. All of Me — John Legend’s

The husband wrote the song for his wife a Chrissy Teigen.

7. I Knew You Were Trouble — Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has written many songs about the famous people in her life, but rarely does she openly admit who inspired each hit. But she did slip up this one time, she revealed in an interview that the song is about fellow musician Harry Styles.

8. 7 Things  — Miley Cyrus

Former Disney stars Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus dated on and off for about two years when they were teenagers and this one’s dedicated to him.

9. Yummy — Justin Bieber

Well pretty self-explanatory, Justin Bieber thinks his wife is Yummy!

10. Hold Up — Beyonce

The song references Jay-Z’s  infidelity.

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