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10 TV Show Actors Who Are The Best At Fake Crying That Will Also Leave You In Tears

It’s okay, let it out 🙁



We’re not ashamed to admit that all of us cry during a heartbreaking moment while watching your fave romcom or a satire film that just easily makes tears stream down your cheeks. But what makes these scenes even the more tear evoking and memorable is the emotional performances by the actors. Making us feel every pain and cut. So here it is, TV show actors that are the best at fake crying.

1. Jane the Virgin — Gina Rodriguez 

Anyone who has lost a loved one, would know exactly how she felt.

2. How To Get Away With Murder — Viola Davis

Annalise Keating may be the cause of pain for her students, but she really did love them…all.

3. Grey’s Anatomy — Ellen Pompeo

Letting go is probably the hardest thing for any of us to do.

4. Glee — Lea Michele

The entire episode of commemorating Cory Monteith is a sob-fest but watching Lea Michele get through singing Make You Feel My Love just crushes your soul because it’s real!

5. The Walking Dead — Steven Yeun

Glenn’s death was hard to watch! Repeatedly having to see his head bashed in to a point of death and worse of all, as his wife watches it all, helpless.

6. How I Met Your Mother — Josh Radnor

Ted is probably the sweetest guy ever, breaks our heart having to watch him do ANYTHING for love.

7. Orange Is The New Black — Danielle Brooks

Poussey’s character spoke to millions and millions of fans, so to have her brutally die the way she did, was not fair.

8. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air — Will Smith

A father and son bond is truly unbreakable.

9. Game of  Thrones — Michelle Fairley

It’s as though she had already died before Michelle Fairley’s character had her throat slit, as her son laid with a pool of his own blood.

10. The Good Wife — Josh Charles

Will lying on a bed alone with one shoe missing and no one tending to him is devastating. You could tell he was long gone.

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