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10 TV Show Characters That Should’ve Been Killed Off

TBH we’re mad!




Is there a TV show character who makes you cringe every time you see him or her onscreen? You’re not alone. From annoying side characters who occasionally appear on our binge faves to unbearable main  characters who make some series completely unwatchable, here are 10 of the worst TV characters that should have been killed off.

1. Veronica Lodge — Riverdale

Incorrect Riverdale Quotes — blinkofthestate: riverdale + incorrect  quotes...Pinterest

Don’t get me wrong she is indeed a pivotal character in the film, but you have to admit her character during the first half of Season 1 was great, but now all she does is try to one-up her dad and ruin his plans, sing in her speakeasy!

2. Ani Achola — 13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why 3 | TumblrTumblr

Some people just don’t know when they’re not welcome, buzz off Ani this drama doesn’t concern you.

3. Malick D. — Elite

Martyrdom of an Islamic hadith in the first episodes of the Elite series on  the Netflix network | Eg24 NewsEg24 News

What was his purpose exactly? Oh right, making Omar cheat on Ander. So manipulative!

4. Elena Gilbert — The Vampire Diaries

gif gifs quote Black and White elena gilbert quotes b&w Vampire Diaries  love quotes life quotes nina dobrev love quote black and white gif sad  quote life quote elena sad quotesRebloggy

We like you Elena but why do you constantly put yourself and your loved ones in danger, and then blame everyone else?!


5. Chuck Bass — Gossip Girl

Chuck Bass Introduction GIF - ChuckBass Introduction EdWestwick - Discover  & Share GIFs

First off, anyone shouldn’t get away with attempted murder, especially not Chuck Bass!

6. Debbie Gallagher — Shameless

tumblr_nkky9h4Emf1si59hho1_250.gif (245×280) | Emma kenney, Shameless  scenes, Shameless tv showPinterest

Who gets voluntarily pregnant at the age of 16?!

7. Joffrey Baratheon — Game of Thrones

joffrey baratheon game of thrones gif | WiffleGifWiffle Gif

Let’s just say we were not sad when he was poisoned to death.

8. Andy Bernard — The Office

Nailed It The Office GIF - NailedIt TheOffice AndyBernard - Discover &  Share GIFs

You can’t be in The Office if you’re not funny.

9. Matt Donovan — The Vampire Diaires

the vampire diaries tvd matt donovan TVD* mumfordness •Rebologgy 

Fans hated him as much as he hated every other character.

10. Kennedy — Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Countdown of the Best Slayers in the Buffyverse | Horror AminoAmino Apps 

Worse than any big bad villain that Buffy ever faced. Also, she’s a brat!

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