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12 Actors Who Look Exactly Like Their Animated Characters

It’s like they were born to play these cartoons!




The 2019-20 era has been a continuous release of live-action films from their animated counterparts, and we have to say, we’re here for it! From Lion King, Aladdin, Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book, Christopher Robin and many more on the list. And we can’t help but get excited to wait and see the makeup team work their magic, and of course the directors decision in casting the right actors to play their cartoon characters.

So here it is, 12 actors who look exactly like their animated characters

1. Emma Watson as Belle — Beauty and the Beast

Syfy Wire

The results are uncanny!

2. Mena Massoud as Aladdin — Aladdin 


Fun fact: The actor is an Egyptian.

3. Matthew Lillard as Shaggy — Scooby-Doo


The actor was born to play Shaggy!

4. Linda Cardellini as Velma — Scooby-Doo.


We’re floored at this point!

5. Elizabeth Lail as Anna in — Once Upon a Time 


Fun fact: The actress is well-known for playing the character Beck from, You, super different role…

6. Glenn Close as Cruella de Vil — 101 Dalmatians

Disney Fandom

90’s kids, is your childhood rejoiced?!


7. Georgina Haig as Elsa — Once Upon a Time 

Fashion with Aynaz

8. Jim Carrey as The Grinch — How the Grinch Stole Christmas


The actor uses facial muscles that most people don’t use in a lifetime.

9. Neel Sethi as Mowgli — The Jungle Book


Mowgli in the flesh! The actor was only 12 years old when he played the character.

10. Isabela Moner as Dora — Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Hollywood Life

Swiper no swipping! Cause Dora is in town!

11. Angelina Jolie as Maleficent- Maleficent

Film Pinas

If the cheekbone matches.

12. Orton O’ Brien as Christopher Robin — Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin (2018)

Fun fact, Winnie the Pooh’s fave catchphrase was “Do you have any honey?”


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