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15 Shocking Deaths In TV Shows That Changed Everything

We can never forgive these shows!




13 Reasons Why Jane the Virgin, How to Get Away with Murder, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones and more series that bumped off characters we didn’t expect to lose! We hate them for this!

1. Stranger Things, when Bob sacrificed himself to save everyone else, which cost him his own life!

2. 13 Reasons Why, when they gave Justin Foley AIDS and killed him off.

3. How I Met Your Mother, when Lily told Marshall that his dad had a heart attack and died in the hospital!

4. Jane the Virgin, when Michael collapsed and stopped breathing.

5. The O.C., when Marissa got into an accident, and Ryan tried to carry her to safety, but she died in his arms.

6. Dexter, when Dexter came home and found Harrison in a pool of blood, which was actually Rita’s blood.

7. How to Get Away with Murder, when Wes’s corpse was revealed next to the burning building.


8. Game of Thrones, when Hodor died at the hands of the White Walkers while holding the door so Bran and Meera could escape.

9. Orange Is the New Black, when Poussey tried to help Crazy Eyes, but the guard attacked her and killed her! 

10. Glee, when they wrote Cory Monteith’s real-life death into the show!

11. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Buffy found her mom’s dead body.

12. This Is Us, when Jack randomly had a heart attack in the hospital.

13. The Walking Dead, when Glenn was beaten to death while everyone else had to watch!

14. Grey’s Anatomy, when Lexie died in the plane crash just right before Meredith arrived.

15. 8 Simple Rules, when John Ritter’s real-life death was written into the show.


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