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2008 Laptop Auction For $1 Mil Is Loaded With 6 Baddest Computer Viruses

This art is called ‘The Persistence of Chaos’



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Via The Verge

An auction is selling off what would be the most ‘dangerous’ laptop in the world.

‘The Persistence of Chaos’ is a laptop with six viruses that can cause financial damages up to $95 billion.

The highest bid, as of writing this, was running at $1.2 million.

Via Giphy

This ‘piece of art’ is a 2008 Samsung NC10 laptop with 14GB storage running on Windows XP SP3.

According to hisdustantimes, the laptop is complete with six different malware that  includes ‘WannaCry’ – infamous for affecting over 200,000 computers globally, and the NHS in the UK up to $4 billion financial damages.

Other viruses include ‘ILOVEYOU’, this virus led to damages up to $5.5 billion in just the first week of its attack, while ‘DarkTequila’ targeted users in Latin America,  stealing sensitive information like bank details and corporate data – and even works on an offline server!

Via Giphy

‘The Persistence of Chaos’ is created by internet artist Guo O Dong, and was made to make people aware that such viruses can have physical impact as well.

The laptop will ship from New York once bidding ends.

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