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4 TV Dramas To Binge On After 13 Reasons Why

It’s time to move on…





13 Reasons Why season 4 has come to a finale, and its time for us to bid our goodbyes and move on to newer shows.

If you’re still on a high from watching mystery dramas, then here’s 4 shows you can jump on right now.

1.Gossip Girl

via wmagazine

Welcome to the Upper East side, where everything isn’t what it appears to be. The show gives you a glimpse into the crazy lives of Manhattan’s elite, with an anonymous character, Gossip Girl,who’s always on the latest scoop into their personal lives. It’s a fun filled drama that will have you binging all day.

2.The Vampire Diaries

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Elena Gilbert falls in love with a vampire named Stefan Salvatore, who is 172 years old. As love finds its way, Stefan’s brother, Damon, comes along and things get crazy.


3.Pretty Little Liars


The mystery drama that will have you hooked for hours! Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily faces challenges when their friend, Alison, goes missing. Murder, deceit, manipulation will have them on a roller-coaster ride, while each of them hide a deep dark secret that will soon unveil itself.

3.The Originals


If you like shows such as The Vampire Diaries and ofcourse 13 Reasons Why, then you’ll love this show. The Originals is about the vampire family who settles in the city of New Orleans that they helped to construct several decades ago. There, trouble ensues after encountering old buddies and confronted with new rivals.

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