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5 Best Lo-Fi Beats That Will Sure To Keep You Calm

Relax and immerse to good music





Feeling anxious and need some chill music that can calm you or help you unwind after a long day?

Lo-Fi beats are great if you’re looking for escapism from the usual top chart lyrical tracks.

Here’s 5 best Lo-Fi music to listen to, to get you started



If you’re new to Lo-Fi music, ChilledCow is a good start. They’re pretty much the first major Lo-Fi beats on YouTube that got popularized and provides the perfect playlist for studying and relaxing.

Chillhop Music


Chillhop music is another alternative to Chilledcow, it includes relaxing beats and animation on loop. It’ll have you calm and in your zone in no time.

The Jazz Hop Café

The jazz hop café is different from ChilledCow and Chillhop, as it adds on to more of a jazz flavour with a mix of lo-fi hip hop beats. Theres tons of relaxing beats to go through and enjoy.


If that’s not enough for you, you can layan STEEZYASF*CK. There are no noticeable vocals to get you distracted and you’re sure to stay in your own world.  You can pick beats to study and sleep to, early morning vibes and plenty of other options to fit your daily vibe.

Don’t want to think too much?

If you can’t be bothered to go through a whole list on what to listen to, just go to Spotify’s Lo-Fi beat playlist. You can get a 16-hour playlist and skip a song whenever you please.

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