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5 Creepy Urban Legends From Malaysia That Are *Wickedly* Scary

Legends, superstitions, old wives tales or real deal?



Legends, superstitions and old wives’ tales like ‘’Orang Bunian’’ were created to inspire or scare children into acceptable behaviour. But as time passes, we’d like to believe that we have intellectually evolved beyond such stories—but there are some that will still remain scary regardless of ag or time. 

So, if you’re looking for a reason to not sleep tonight, we welcome you to join spooky-hands and run through these 10 of the scariest urban legends from Malaysia. 

1. The Yellow Volkswagen of Karak Highway 

(Source: Google)

Ah, everyone is pretty much aware of this story. Legend says that if you encounter this yellow Volkswagen, it’ll try to mess with you on the highway. It would be moving very slowly, forcing you to overtake it. Once you have overtaken it, you will notice that you’re approaching another yellow Volkswagen that is being driven very slowly—and if you overtake it again, a short while later you will see that same yellow Volkswagen, again!

 And if you’re lucky to look closely enough, you would see that there is actually nobody in the driver’s seat! 

2. The Creepy Call To A Radio Station

(Source: Google)

In the 90’s there was a well-known Malaysian radio DJ who hosted a late night show where listeners could call in to share their ghost stories. (It was live, btw). So, one night the DJ received a call from a listener who wanted to share his creepy experience. 

He began the story with, ‘’I was driving along a highway late one night with my parents, my wife, and my little baby. They were all asleep. And as I drove over the crest of a hill, I suddenly saw a single headlight heading towards me. I swerved violently to avoid it but lost control of the car, crashing through the highway barrier and into a deep gulley.’’ 

After relating the story, the caller said that he was very depressed because his parents, wife and baby were all killed in the accident. In a sad voice, the caller said that he, too, lost his life in the accident. Then he hung up.

(Source: Google)

The DJ thought he had been pranked on live radio and laughed it off before carrying on with the show. However, the next day’s newspaper carried the story of an accident that happened along the highway described by the previous night’s caller. A car had crashed into a gulley the previous night, killing an elderly couple, a husband and wife and their baby.

Stunned, the radio DJ rushed back to the office to listen to the recording of the previous night’s mystery caller but there was only silence on the tape!

3. ‘’Misteri Orang Minyak’’ 

(Source: Google)

Orang Minyak—a nakedman, supernatural being coated with oil—is said to be someone who is seeking superpowers to enable him to get into someone’s house to rob or rape without being detected. Legend has it that orang minyak learned the wrong teaching and turns black due to the mistake, he must rape 40 young girls to become normal again. 

Back in 2015, there was a widespread story by female nurses at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital that a knife-wielding naked man would appear and attack them when they were alone. In 1958 , there were a total 3 orang minyak movies released. That is enough to prove the obsession with this creature is not new.

4. Janet’s Ghost 

(Source: Google)

There are many different versions to Janet’s Ghost, all of them involve a female apparition who haunts Kuching. Okay, here’ the most famous version: Janet is supposed to be a young Chinese nurse in Kuching’s public hospital. It was said that she was kidnapped and killed in and soon, her headless body was found in a construction building. 

Her anguished parents then buried her in a red dress and red shoes—and according to Chinese belief, if a woman died wearing red, she would return as a vengeful spirit. Well, as her parents’ wishes, she returned. Villagers living at the outskirts of Kuching city soon started to report seeing a mysterious woman dressed in red, trying to attract the attention of the menfolk.

Janet would also hitch a ride with motorcyclists, but at the end of the ride she would disappear, leaving behind a stain left on the seat and there would be a smell of rotting flesh.

5. The ‘’Famous’’ Haunted Hotel 

(Source: Google)

Situated near a lifestyle mall, a convention center, an outdoor theme park, a casino, and a tropical rainforest. This famous hotel boasts colourful towers and 6,118 rooms, and its Guinness World Record title as the largest hotel in terms of number of rooms. To accommodate its guests, the hotel has e-kiosks for express check-in and check-out. 

However, this famous hotel is also rumoured to be one of the most haunted hotels in the world. Most of their guests are casino-goers and urban legends say that this is the favourite place of unlucky gamblers to commit suicide over the years. Ghosts are seen jumping off the cliff and disappearing in mid-air, loitering in corridors, and floating outside of windows.

(Source: Google)

Stories also say that the entire 21st floor of the hotel is haunted and that no one has ever been to that floor because the elevator never stopped at 21. The smell of incense is also consistent in the whole hotel. Weird noises, crying and wailing can also be heard by guests. Ghosts of those who died in landslides and road accidents also linger in these buildings.

Reports of poltergeists and other paranormal activities occur in rooms and corridors at night. Some rooms are never made available because guests fall ill during or after their stay in that room. With more than 6,000 rooms and so many guests, indeed, this hotel may be a place where you can’t keep track of who is dead or alive. 

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