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5 Fun Facts About Liam Payne

The singer turns 26 today!



Via Republic Records

Happy Birthday Liam Payne!

The “Strip That Down” singer and member of the boy band, One Direction, is celebrating another year old, by turning 26 today.

To celebrate the singer, here are a few fun facts about Liam Payne.

If Liam wasn’t in the music industry, he would have been a firefighter – And now  our imaginations are going wild.

Via Giphy

He is afraid of spoons – not sure if that’s weird or cute.

Via Giphy

His favorite film is the Toy Story trilogy! – Yayy let’s be buddiesss

Via Giphy

He once had his underwear stolen (and then later worn) by a fan – Umm too much love…is just too much. 

Via Giphy

He once had no idea what YOLO and DTF stood for, so he guessed “Yummy Oreos Love Origami” and “Dedicated To Fans.” – We’ll take it!

Via Giphy



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