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5 New Disney Movie Remakes You Don’t Want To Miss

Disney for-evah!





Aahhh Disney movies, they always touch right at the core of your heart, and never fails to bring out the child in you.

If you’re a big a fan of Disney movies (like I am) then news of a new Disney movie remake will get you excited- even when you try to play it down like “Ugh, it’s whatevs,” You KNOW you’d be buying tickets to watch the movie.

Disney’s Mulan Remake may have been postponed, due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. But don’t worry, in due time it will be out for release, and so will upcoming productions for more Disney films such as these:




Mulan is expected to be out this July 24! Let’s hope there won’t be any more delays for the film’s release. The trailer was revealed last year, and has gotten fans excited to meet the princess warrior, played by Liu Yifei. She’s cast along with Donnie Yen and Jason Scott Lee.



No rumours here, this is REAL LIFE. A Cinderella Disney re-make is in the making, with the main cast to be played by Camila Cabello! The announcement was made earlier last year and is set to be out in February 2021! Other cast includes Nicholas Galitzine, Billy Porter and Missy Elliott.




Who can forget the crazy hair lady who’s obsessed with dog fur? When news broke that Disney cast Emma Stone for the role of Cruella de Vil, Many said “Heh? sure ah?” It’s hard to see the quirky actress play an evil fur-wearing character, that is, until Disney released the first look of the film ofcourse. So perfect! The movie is set to be release in 2021.



It was announced in April, the 1977 animated classic Hercules was getting a live-action re-make. Though they have not announced the release date, we do know that Disney is planning to have it drop in 2022. So far, little details are known. Rumours around have been saying Ariana Grande would be cast as Meg and Zac Efron as Hercules. There has been no comment from production side- but doesn’t hurt to imagine, right?!

5.Fantasia (Chernabog) 

If this Disney film has never been on your radar, then say hello to Chernabog.  The scary villain is the from the Micky-movie Fantasia. Possibly the darkest movie among the rest of the cutesy movies we’re used to, this film depicts the devil. The remake is set to be out next year 2021.

6.The Little Mermaid


There was a bit of a controversy when the main character of the Disney remake was revealed in 2019.The Little Mermaid character will be played by actress Halle Bailey. Other stars also include Melissa McCarthy and Awkwafina. No release date has been announced.

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