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5 Television Shows Cancelled After One Season

today3 June 2019


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Isn’t it frustrating when you’re just getting into a TV show, getting to know the characters and suddenly…bam! It’s cancelled! While we’ve forgotten many of the shows that were canceled after just one season, there are a few that we’ll always remember. Here are five of it.



This show just ended in May 2019. Its network actually reconsidered the cancellation of this delightful 2019 spy dramedy starring Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan, but then canceled it anyway. That made it way, way worse. But of course, it wasn’t the first show to go too soon, and it won’t be the last.

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In one way, it’s the first of its kind β€” β€œAbby’s” a multi-cam comedy, filmed outside, in front of a live audience. Natalie Morales starred as a backyard bartender in this sweet comedy that its network just axed after one season.

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Although the series had some growing pains in its early episodes, it found its groove right before taking its hiatus. Due to some fantastic comedic writing, a solid supporting cast, and a star-making performance by Malin Akerman, β€œTrophy Wife” could easily be its network’s best comedy of the year 2013.

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Where the movie β€œLimitless” was a bit of a downer, this show was extremely fun, with Jake McDorman as the perfectly lovable slacker-turned-genius. It started out as one of the hottest fall shows in 2016 but faded shortly thereafter and hit some lows toward the end of its full-season run.

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Filled with strong, memorable characters, witty banter and dialogue, and enough action, drama, and mystery to fill up six seasons, β€œFirefly” is most certainly one of the best televisions to be cancelled after one season. At least there’s β€œSerenity”, the follow-up movie which does provide some closure on the series’ central storyline.

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Written by: Priscilla G

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