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5 Things We Learned From Travis Scott’s ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’ Documentary

He slid in Tom Brady’s DM’s?!



Travis Scott is surely having the time of his life,having surround by his daughter and billionaire girlfriend and not to mention his recently released Documentary! Netflix released La Flame’s Look Mom I Can Fly documentary to their streaming platform.

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The flick takes viewers along for the astronomical ride seeing Trav grow up in Missouri City, Texas, to becoming one of hip-hop’s bonafide superstars.

Here are seven things we learned from Look Mom I Can Fly. Get your Netflix and rage on here:

1. Welcome to Stormi’s World

The world’s best-kept secret was Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy. Scott was there every step of the way for his billionaire reality star gilfriend, from her ultrasound check-ups to the delivery room where Stormi Webster would be born on Feb. 1, 2018.Travis would even end up cutting the umbilical cord for his daughter, as he’s shown holding Stormi just minutes after her birth.

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2. Travis is Here to Shift the Status Quo

In most of Scott’s interviews, he usually circles back to his sole purpose in art of being to inspire the next generation coming after him, and shaking up hip-hop’s status quo.

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3. His High School Guidance Counselor Saved His Life

When you’re as driven as Travis Scott, you realize school isn’t for you at a young age. But Travis his guidance counseler was his the reasons he propelled in life and career .La Flame, who reunited with his high school counselor, Sarah Romero, backstage at one of his concerts in 2017.

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4. He Won’t Be Dissuaded By His 0/3 at the Grammy Awards

Make no mistake about it, one of Scott’s goals is to walk away with a Grammy award at some point in his career. Even though it didn’t happen in 2019, he’s only going to go that much harder following his three nominations.

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5. Travis Slid in Tom Brady’s DMs to Sign His Jersey 

Scott isn’t any different than us. After performing on the biggest of stages at the Super Bowl earlier this year, Trav hilariously takes a shot in the dark and slides into Tom Brady’s DMs asking if he would sign his jersey!

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