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5 Top Movies For Your Every Mood

What’s your go-to movie for every mood?



Let’s dive into 5 movies to watch, that will fit your mood;

1. Forrest Gump – When you’re happy

Because Forrest Gump will forever be a feel-good movie.

2. P.S I Love You– When you feel down

Sometimes you just need a comfort movie you can sit and cry through.

3. Bridget Jones’s Diary- For a good pick me up

When you need a movie that can help you see, that you got this (whatever it is you’re going through. Even if things seem kind of messy at the moment)!

4. Begin Again – To get you inspired

If you’re feeling like giving up, this film will get you back on track!

5. The Intern- For staying calm and relax

If you’re feeling anxious or just had a long day, let Robert De Niro calm you with his warm presence.

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