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5 TV Shows Like “Game Of Thrones” That’ll Hook You Instantly

Add these to your queue as you recover from the Season Eight finale.



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Winter has come and gone, and “Game of Thrones” is finally over. With no Thrones to consume and complain about, what will you stream on a weekly basis? Here, dive into some of these shows. The list is practically dragonless, but there’s enough fantasy, violence, and thematic similarities to justify a hearty binge.



The show is about Claire, a World War II nurse, gets flung back in time to the Scottish Highlands in the 18th century, separating her from her husband. If you’re hankering for another fantasy-prestige series involving violence, historical references, and romance — with time travel mixed in for good measure — “Outlander” might be your best bet.

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The Last Kingdom

The show follows Uhtred, a Saxon-raised Viking who discovers his ancestral birthright — and decides to go after what’s his. You’ll get all the familial intrigue, power struggles, sword fights, and troubled relationships that make “Game of Thrones” addictive. Just no White Walkers.

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The Tudors

The dramatic and bloody reign of King Henry VIII is the perfect subject matter for a TV series. Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars as the English royal, who frequently came to blows with political enemies and went through a handful of wives in pursuit of a male heir.

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Like The “Last Kingdom,” “Vikings” takes the medieval vibe of Thrones and roots it in realism, basing it on Norse sagas like the Tale of Ragnar Lodbrok. There are sword fights, spilled blood, and clan intrigue aplenty as Ragnar Lothbrok’s family expands territorially and in ambition.

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Black Sails

Written as a prequel to “Treasure Island,” “Black Sails” takes place 20 years before the book, with the storyline following Captain Flint, a notoriously feared pirate fighting to defend New Providence Island from the British and Spanish. 

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