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6 Foreign Movies Totally Worth Watching

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If you’ve come to a dead end of movies to watch or looking for something different from the usual then we’ve got the kind of movies that  might just be worthy of your time.

Here’s 6 foreign movies to check out


Genre: Drama Mystery

This South Korean psychological mystery thriller is about a young man, Jong-soo who runs into Hae-mi,an old neighbour, and introduces him to Ben, a man she met on a trip. Ben may look great from his outer exterior but has a secret hobby he’ll soon reveal to Jong-soo.

2)The Invisible Guest

Genre: Thriller, Crime

The film follows a young successful businessman who wakes up in a locked hotel room and finds his dead lovers body next to him. To defend his innocence, he hires a prestigious lawyer and is left with less than three hours to come up with an unassailable defence.


Genre: Adventure, Drama


You’ll be taken on a wild ride with Okja. the film tells the story of a young South Korean girl, Mija,  who has been the caretaker of her “super-pig” for 10 years. But everything changes when a multinational conglomerate takes Okja for themselves and transports her to New York. Mija, sets out on a rescue mission.

4)The Shape of Water

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

They say love is blind. A romantic supernatural film,The Shape of Water follows a lonely janitor, Elisa, who forms a unique relationship with the amphibious creature that is held captive in a secret research facility.

5)The Platform

Genre: Sci-Fi Horror, Thriller

This is the battle of survival.  The platform takes place in a prison where inmates who are housed in vertical cells are forced to watch as inmates in the upper cells are fed while those below starve.


Genre: Drama

Okay, this may not be a movie. But considering it only has 4 episodes, it might as well be!

The story follows a young ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman who runs away from her arranged marriage and religious community to start a new life abroad. But her past quickly catches up to her

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