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6 K-Pop Solo Acts You Should Obsess Over Now!

Which KPOP solo artist is in your playlist now?



Many might recognize K-POP for their idol groups, such as girl or boy groups, but do you know that there are many successful K-POP solo artists who find success in the K-POP entertainment scene, and their songs are viral among the local and international community as well!

Here’s the 6 solo artists that you should check out now!

1. Jessi — Nunu Nana

Jessi is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter based in South Korea, and she is recognized for her appearance in Unpretty Rapstar, where she showcased her rap skills and wowed the minds of audiences.

On July 30th, she released her hit single ‘Nuna’ and it quickly became one of the hit songs in TikTok due to the addictive lyrics.

2. Hwasa — Maria

Debuted as one of the members of a top girl group in South Korea, Mamamoo, Hwasa is known for her singing skills.

Her solo debut caught fans’ attention, and gained success by releasing BOP songs and collaborating with local and international artists! She also released ‘Maria’ on June 29th this year!

3. Zico — Any Song

One of the hottest songs this year, as many celebrities covered this song by dancing along to it on their social media platforms!

Zico released ‘Any Song’ on January 13th. The song achieved an “all-kill”, topping all Korean real-time digital charts!

4. Suga (AgustD) — Daechwita

As one of the members for top boy group in South Korea, BTS, Suga is a prominent rapper and songwriter.

He released numerous solo mixtapes, and ‘Daechwita’ is one of his latest single in the mixtape.

5. IU — Eight

IU is one of South Korea’s highly recognized singer and actress, she is known for her ‘three octave notes’ during her ‘Good Day’ days!

‘Eight’ is her latest hit in collaboration with BTS Suga, to celebrate her coming to age as a twenty-eight-year-old.

6. Hyoyeon — Dessert

Fans recognized her as the main dancer of the nation’s top girl group ‘Girls Generation’, now she is known as ‘DJ HYO’ during her solo activities!

Hyoyeon also recently released her latest single ‘Dessert’ on July 22nd, and it quickly topped the charts!

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