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6 Things You Didn’t Know Of Never Have I Ever Star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

“It’s pronounced My-tray-ee”





Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, has got all eyes on her since the airing of Netflix original series Never Have I Ever.

The show produced by Minding Kaling, has been a major hit with its ever so funny, witty, and downright incredible scripts on the show. It’s safe to say that regardless of age, the comedy series is one that will leave us trolling on our seats!

With all the outpouring love the show has gotten, many of us may be wondering, where did this super talented girl come from???

Here’s a few facts to know about the rising star.


1.Where is Maitreyi Ramakrishnan from?

Maitreyi, is a Canadian of Sri Lankan Tamil descent. Born in Mississauga, Ontario, her parents migrated to Canada to escape from the war in Sri Lanka.

2.How old is Maitreyi?

Date of birth: December 30, 2001. Currently 18 years old, the actress played the role of a 15-year- old Devi, on the now popular series.


3.It’s pronounced My-tray-ee

Don’t get her name wrong! In an interview with Variety, Maitreyi asked for people to pronounce her name right “I think one of the greatest disrespects you can do to a person is not put the effort into somebody’s name. Personally for me, I used to anglicise my name … in high school, and then when I landed in LA, they were like, ‘How do you say your name? Sorry, I don’t want to mix it up.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh my God, this is my chance to reclaim my name,’ because I love my name. Why would I change it?”


via Popsugar

4.Has she acted before Never Have I Ever?

This is her first ever professional acting role. The overnight star shared that she was part of 15,000 other hopefuls who auditioned for the role of Devi. “It happened in a matter of a few days. We didn’t really pre-plan anything. When Mindy (Kaling) put out the (audition) tweet…it basically went from there, we didn’t put too much thought into it, ” the actress said.

Fun fact: The actress turned down her acceptance to the theatre programme at Toronto’s York University, to pursue her dreams and be part of the show! – Totally worth it.

5.Does Maitreyi Ramakrishnan have a boyfriend?

Though Maitreyi may play the role of a boy crazy teenage girl, Devi, the actress currently appears to be single.

6.What are her plans after Never Have I Ever?

She plans to act full time. With a Season 2 of Never Have I Ever on its way, the 18 year old has shared her interest on acting in films and other series. “This is definitely something I want to pursue full-time — it’s truly what makes me happy. It’s hard to pick any kind [genre] of a movie, but I’d like to pick any character that has a lot going for it and has a lot of depth. That’s really important—to play characters that are strong,” Maitreyi said.

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