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6 Year-Old Spends RM41k On Shopping App With Dad’s Credit Card

today13 August 2019


Via China Press

In Beijing, China, a 6- year-old boy went on an online shopping spree, that practically almost broke the bank for his parents!

The young boy spent 70,000 yuan , which is around RM41,542.38, after he approved every purchase in his father’s shopping cart.

Via Giphy

The father was looking to buy his wife a gift from the shopping app, and added the ones he liked on to the cart to review them later.

But to the man’ surprise, all the gifts he had viewed online started arriving on his front door days later!

Items that arrived included handbags, make up and accessories and big brands- the amount of stuff that came took up almost their entire living room!

Via China Press

At first, the wife was happy to seeing all the gifts the husband had bought her, until she found out how much it all cost- RM41k worth of gifts is a whole lot! She later asked her husband to return all the goods.

Though most of the gifts were returned in the end, the dad did keep some of the purchases for his wife and son. But with that, the boy was grounded and sentenced to copying his homework 300 times for his naughty behaviour!

Hope he learned his lesson!

Written by: Elyda

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