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7 Best 2000’s Songs You Forgot About

Good ol’ times




There’s plenty of new music poppin out everyday, that its almost impossible to keep track!

There songs out there we use to love that we probably don’t even remember anymore

1.Stacie Orrico – Stuck

Stacie Orrico got us “Stuck” on replay for days with her cool vibe and catchy break up song. Can’t remember the song? Click play.

2.OutKast – Hey Ya!

Shake it, shake,shake it! The song that got us off our seats and start shaking like a Polaroid picture!

3.Jojo-  Leave (Get Out)

This was definitely the heart break song of the year in 2004. Jojo now has a new song release titled “Man,” which recently dropped in March.

4.Ray J – One Wish

Ray J singing in the rain got everyone on the feels reminiscing their past.

5.Estelle– American Boy Feat. Kanye West

The song never ages and still feels relevant today. One that will still get you dancing

6.The All-American Rejects – Gives You Hell

American rock band was one of the best groups of the 2000. Their song will have you head banging and grooving all at once.

7.Simple Plan – Welcome To My Life

The theme song of every teen growing up!

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