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A Medical Officer Who Joined The COVID-19 Fight Says He Is Ready To Serve #DemiMalaysia

He says he hopes to contribute whatever he can as part of the front liners.



"On duty at the COVID-19 front line: day one," he wrote while uploading this photograph on his Twitter account. Sean Thum

Meet Sean Thum. He is a medical officer from Penang.

He was asked to join the front line staff to help them in their fight against the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) situation in the country. The medical officer, who is fondly referred as Dr Sean by his peers, says he received a call on Friday afternoon, 13 March, during which he was requested for his services immediately.

He was ready despite only having two hours to prepare before his reporting time at 5pm.

“I felt I was ready to serve my country. #DemiMalaysia. Mum cooked fried rice and I wolfed it down, and then I was on my way to Hospital Permai,” he wrote on his Instagram.

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