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A Mysterious Green Ball Of Fire Was Seen Streaking Over JB And Singapore Skies

Other witnesses said it also flashed white, blue, and orange.



Image from 锕彦Crystal/YouTube 锕彦Crystal/YouTube

A mysterious bright green light was seen streaking over Johor Bahru’s sky in the wee hours of the morning last week

The light was seen hurtling across the dark sky, blazing brightly before it vanished just as quickly as it appeared.

The five-second phenomenon was caught on YouTube user Crystal’s dashcam as she was driving in Johor Jaya at 5am last Wednesday, 12 February.

Image from 新山吹水站/Facebook 新山吹水站/Facebook

The footage, uploaded to social media and YouTube, has since gone viral with people wondering what the green flash could be

These two Facebook users think its Superman or Green Lantern who have landed in Malaysia.

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