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‘A Quiet Place 2’ Officlal Trailer Shows The Survivors On The Run Again




John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are back for yet another horror, thriller movie. A second rendition of their first feature film, A Quiet Place, this time with a fascinating back story  about the alien invasion. The sequel to the horror flick puts Evelyn Abbott, played by Emily Blunt, and her family getting ready to fight off some crazy aliens. And the sequel seems to take us back where we left off.

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The original 2018 film directed and co-written by Krasinski, focuses on an alien invasion wipes out most of Earth’s population. Attracted to sound, Blunt’s family survives the attack using elaborate safety precautions. This time around for the sequel, forces the Abbott family out of their hiding spot to venture into the outside world. And based on the clip, there’s a lot more dialogue; they met some interesting characters along the way; and we see more close-ups of those scary creature that are out to demolish the human race.

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A Quiet Place 2 introduces new interesting characters Cillian Murphy, of Peaky Blinders acclaim, and Djimon Hounsou. John Krasinski is back as the movie’s screenwriter and director.

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A Quiet Place 2 releases in theaters on March 20.

Check the anticipated trailer down below:

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