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A tragic rabbit love story in ‘Fire on Fire’ by Sam Smith

today21 December 2018


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Sam Smith strikes again with another song with his emotional vocals in the feature on BBC a miniseries called ‘Watership Down.’ The series is an adaptation of a novel by Richard Adams published in 1972. The story revolves on a small group of rabbits or a better term Hare’s and a brutal tale of their lives in the town of Watership Down in Hampshire, England. ‘Fire on Fire’ is a song of love perfectly synced within the chaos that unfolds in the music video.

The track is focused on the Hares who are fighting the cold cruel war stricken England, Its survival of the fittest and the combination of a tragic love story who will find the light through the tunnel and a happy ending for the family of Hare’s.

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This new song comes after Sam Smith’s recent collaboration with Calvin Harris on the upbeat single ‘Promises.’

The track on its own without the catastrophic rabbit love story backing it up, isn’t the strongest of Sam Smith’s many singles in the past, but taking a deeper look into the lyrics will have you in the feels, or leaving some of you in tears. The story in the lyrics wind around the fact that rabbits are intense lovers. One “fire” in the song title is about the passion of these rabbits for life, and the other “fire” is about the chaos and destruction happening around them. Together, ‘Watership Down’ is poised to be a wild ride.

Sam sings a part of the lyric in the song that truly gave the chills or rather had me really falling deep into song, “we’re normally killers” it could be a reference to the fact that we have all sinned and perfection is a mere hallucination. Rabbits themselves are not perfect despite their cute exterior, the fact that rabbits are known to eat their babies under different circumstances, shows to me that a person has many layers, and its the matter of accepting the flaws and baggage that comes with them.

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The song isn’t your typical love story between two people, its hardcore, a new spin of hard truth and reality of life through the point of view of a rabbit. The single was created with the ideation of the film in its mind, which listeners should consider when listening. You will have a better understanding once comprehending the novel.

Who knows, maybe for many of you the story from the song would sound different according to your life experience. That kind of what makes the song special and beautiful because it doesn’t punch you in the face, its subtle way of sending a message. The track definably reminds me of the hardships in life that one have personally went through, but the happy ending shows that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, or for an even more cliché line, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Written by: Varesha

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