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Adele Has One Thing To Say On Why She’s Delaying Her Album

"I'll Be Waiting" for you when you're ready, Adele.




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Adele is keeping us waiting.

In February, when Adele announced she was coming out with a new album in September, at her friend Laura Dockrill’s wedding, fans were thrilled and over the moon.

It’s been years since the star came out with new music, her last being in 2015 titled 25.

And now, she’s put a pause to our excitement by delaying the release date. Her reason?


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With the ongoing pandemic, the singer has made it clear that a new album will have to wait.

On Saturday (June 27), the 32- year old star set the record straight after an eager fan asked if new music was coming out soon.

“Teaser? Albums coming out today???!!!! Tell me now!!!” a fan commented.

Without beating around the bush Adele responded “Of course it’s not. Corona ain’t over. I’m quarantining. Wear a mask and be patient.”

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In May, her manager Jonathan Dickins confirmed that her highly anticipated album has indeed been postponed.

In an interview with Music Week, Dickins addressed that the album “isn’t coming in September, it’ll be ready when it’s ready.”

“We’re all in the same boat, you’re doing stuff and then all of a sudden, the world stops,” he said. “It’ll come when it’s ready. I can’t put a date on that yet. We have music, but we’re still working.”

Stay patient fans!

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