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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Divorced, Ex-Wife The Richest Woman In The World?

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Amazon CEO of Jeff Bezos finalize divorce, is ex-wife Makenzie the richest woman in the world?

The Amazon CEO and his wife of 25 years are officially divorced and have reached a settlement with their assets.

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon after he and MacKenzie Bezos got married. She wasn’t a freeloader people! She was in fact the many reasons that Jeff Bezos was able to build a billion dollar empire, as he has mentioned multiple times in interviews. In the community property state of Washington which dictates assets acquired during marriage to be split 50-50, that means MacKenzie Bezos was entitled to half of her husband’s Amazon fortune if they didn’t sign a prenup (which they reportedly didn’t).

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That could leave a wife divorcing the world’s richest man — who has an estimated net worth of nearly $150 billion— as the world’s richest woman; but that’s not quite the case for Mackenzie Bezos.

Many were keeping their fingers crossed that she would become the world’s richest woman, but I have to burst your bubble because she is not. Mackenzie said she would give all her stake in The Washington Post and the space exploration firm Blue Origin to her ex-husband the world’s richest man as well as voting control of her remaining Amazon stock.

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Depending on exactly how much money MacKenzie gets, which is estimated to have been nearly US$36 billion in shares, she’s set to rank as the world’s third- or fourth-richest woman, according to various publications. Here’s how the world’s five richest women currently stack up, according to Forbes’ real-time net worth profiles: Which would place her in the third spot!

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers— $52.9 billion

Alice Walton— $45.4 billion

Jacqueline Mars— $25.9 billion

Yang Huiyan— $23.8 billion

Susanne Klatten— $20.8 billion

MacKenzie Bezos’ role in Amazon dates back to the company’s origins. She was one of Amazon’s first employees and reportedly drove her husband cross-country while he drafted part of the company’s business plan, according to Business Insider’s Mark Abadi. It was indeed a well-deserved billion dollars.

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