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Anna Kendrick Revealed Filming “Twilight” Was Like “Some Trauma Event”

Cold weather is no joke!




Anna Kendrick compares making 'Twilight' to a 'hostage situation'Page Six 

Many of us in our teen days would have gone crazy to have a role in the Twilight movie saga, however actress Anna Kendrick dropped a huge bomb and revealed that filming the series wasn’t what it was all cracked up to be.

Anna Kendrick says shooting Twilight was miserable | EW.comEntertainment Weekly

In a new video interview with Vanity Fair, Anna said that the weather in Portland, Oregon didn’t make things ideal for the cast and crew as they filmed the first movie. Talk about chilly weather!

Anna Kendrick Wanted to 'Murder Everyone' in 'Twilight' CastUS Weekly


Watch the interview down below:

Anna then moves on to say that things got slightly better while filming the second movie, New Moon, as the weather was a lot kinder. But hold up, she had scheduling issues as they were overlapping with another project she was working on at the same time. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

Anna Kendrick had a role in 'Twilight'? She 'just remembered,' too!USA Today

She also talked about her famous speech in Eclipse and revealed that she’s still shocked at how many people are moved about it. We felt it!

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