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Are You Guilty Of Misusing These 5 Emoji?

People everywhere around the world uses emoji everyday to communicate. In fact, it has become an unofficial universal language – no matter where you are from. Using your emoji, you get to communicate with people from different countries with different languages. However, not every emoji is as it seems!

1. A Person Bowing  

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  • Often mistakenly used as a ‘thinking’ emoji but in fact, this emoji represents the sign of respect! It is known as ‘dogeza’ in Japan and is used to express a sincere apology, or to request a large favour.

2.Folded Hands 

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  • Commonly used as a symbol of ‘praying’ or as a ‘high-5’. However, it is actually supposed to used as a sign of ‘apology’ or ‘gratitude’. The two hands placed firmly together, means please or thank you in Japanese culture.

3.Information Desk Person

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  • This emoji is always mistakenly used for ‘sassy’ or ‘sarcastic’ remarks. But this emoji represents the an information desk person, iconically represented in the Apple emoji artwork – She’s actually holding out her hand as if to say “How may I help you?”

4. Person Gesturing OK! 

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  • Mistakenly used as a sign of ‘awe’. She is actually showing the sign ‘OK’ with her whole body by making an ‘O’ – a Japanese gesture.

5. Open Hands

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  • Usually used to show that they’re above a task or are dismissing someone. The symbol actually represents openness or a hug!

Source: http://emojipedia.org/

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