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Ariana Grande Reveals She Has A Collab With Doja Cat!

If you “Say So”!




Could this just be the collab of the century?!

Ariana Grande revealed that she worked on an unreleased collaboration with viral sensation Doja Cat. Ari actually wrote the song and sent it in to Doja who absolutely loved it. After the ‘Stuck With U’ star sent Doja the idea for the track, Doja wanted to finish it right then and there!

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Grande also shared that Doja’s personality and musicality are what she loves most about the rapper-singer who recently scored her first No. 1 hit with her “Say So” remix featuring Nicki Minaj.


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“I’m obsessed with [Doja] … She’s just such a breath of fresh air,” Grande shared. “I think she’s brilliant and so talented. And she produces—and she does everything herself. I love that. It’s fantastic.”

Ariana Grande confirms Doja Cat collaboration - Music News - ExhaleBreatheHeavy.Com

As of now we will just have wait for the two artists’ sure-to-be epic collaboration to drop… whenever that may be. Keeping our fingers crossed that it will be soon!



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