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Ariana Grande Was Sued For ‘7 Rings’ Song

today17 January 2020


Image result for ariana grande 7 ringsVariety

Ariana Grande was hit hard with a copyright suit over ‘7 Rings’ music!

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Variety reports Josh Stone, who performs as DOT, wrote and recorded “You Need I Got It” in 2017. He alleges that he took the song to music industry executives, including producer Tommy Brown, who has worked extensively with Grande. The suit accuses Brown of lifting key elements of Stone’s song for Grande’s “7 Rings.” Grande’s song includes the repeating line: “I Want It, I Got It. I Want It, I Got It.” While Stone’s song has the refrain: “You Need It, I Got It. You Want It, I Got It.”

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Apparently from the suit they it is reported that Ariana Grande is set to perform at the Grammy Awards next week, and is up for five awards, including two for “7 Rings.” “7 Rings” at this time has already garnered more than $10 million in revenue.


With many celebrities these day falling on the sharp knife of copyright suits in the industry since the 2015 “Blurred Lines” verdict. Last year, a jury found that Katy Perry had stolen a riff from Flame, a little-known Christian rapper.

Written by: Varesha

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