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Atikah Suhaime Rejected Drama Offer Because “Her Body Is As Fat As A Whale”

The actress is currently struggling with body issues



The term, ‘’Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting you know nothing about’’ should be practiced often by everyone. Especially when it comes to celebrities, because it’s not always sunshine and rainbows behind the scenes. 

Recently, beautiful actress Atikah Suhaime revealed on her Instagram page that she had to turn down too many drama roles due to battling with insecurities, or body image issues. According to the 29-years-old actress, she had to take a break from being in front of the camera since her body is said to be getting fatter and bigger like a ‘’a whale.’’ On her lengthy Instagram story, she said, ‘’I’ve never been fat, so I keep rejecting jobs because I look as big as whale on TV now.’’ 


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Que pasa?? #Chicano #Halloween2020 😂

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She also apologized if she offended the netizens by posting unnecessary photos on social media—but according to the Pencuri Hati Mr. Cinderella star, that is her way to cope with sadness and depression. ‘’I don’t show on ig I’m dying and super tired or crying. I keep showing happy posts not because I want to show off but because that’s how I deal with me feeling down everyday.’’


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How about a glass of… ?

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In the past, the Singapore-born actress also received a lot of attention and hate after announcing her relationship with popular singer Awie Rafael is over. The pair were also said to have prepared to get married but decided to call it off shortly before making it official. 

Whatever struggles that Atikah had to go through at the moment, we wish her a speedy recovery and all the best on her journey forward!

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