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Autopsy Reveal Naya Rivera Called For Help Moment Before She Drowned

New autopsy reports have confirmed the cause of Naya Rivera’s tragic death




A new autopsy report from the Ventura County Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed that the cause of  Naya Rivera’s death was drowning and the manner of death was an accident. The reports, according to Insider, said Naya did not have a history of “suicidal ideation or attempt.” 

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Before her death, the ‘Glee’ star managed to place her four-year-old son, Josey, safely back in the boat before waving her arms and screaming for help, according to her son’s account of the traumatic event. “She helped him onto the boat and then he then heard [Naya] yell ‘help’ and she put her arm in the air. She then disappeared into the water,” the investigative report states. The little boy was found sleeping on the boat later the same day, July 8. 

However, Naya’s mother, Yolanda, revealed that her daughter knew how to swim well. Even the autopsy report states that Naya “considered to be a good swimmer’’—and the reason behind her death was ruled by an accident. 

“[Naya’s] cell phone, syringes with a pink fluid substance, identification, and a filled prescription slip for amphetamine was found in [her] purse. Three 12 ounce White Claw alcohol cans were located near [her] purse. One of the cans was empty, one was open and was about 3⁄4 full, and one was unopened. There was a bag with food items on a bench seat near the front of the boat,” the investigative report states.

Naya Rivera was confirmed dead on July 13 at the age of 33—five days after she disappeared. She was reported missing after renting the pontoon boat with her son. When the boat became overdue for return after its three-hour rental, staff found it at the north side of the lake, with Josey wearing a life jacket, sleeping alone on board. An adult life jacket, believed to be the one provided to Naya, was still on the boat. One day later, police announced she was presumed dead, maintaining they considered her disappearance to be “a horrible accident.”




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