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Billie Eilish’s Mom Almost Took Her To Therapy Because Of This Justin Bieber Song

“I would watch the music video for this song and just sob”…




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Billie Eilish has never shied from admitting she’s a huge Belieber.

During one of her new episodes from “me & dad radio”- Eilish’s very own podcast with her father Patrick, on Apple Music – they invited her mom, Maggie, and talked all things music and of course her major love for the Biebs.

Her mom shared, The 18 year-old was eagerly waiting for the singer’s new music video for “As Long As You Love Me,” in 2012, that she was worried about her daughter!

Justin Bieber Instagram

“I remember this one really well and the video, and Billie talking about it, and being excited it was coming out, and just crying and crying,” Maggie said. “Everyone knows the whole Billie, Justin Bieber thing but this song was a big part of it.”


“I would watch the music video for this song and just sob,” the young star said, before her mom jokingly added, “I just want to say, we did consider taking you to therapy because you were in so much pain over Justin Bieber.”

Other topics also discussed the stars struggle with mental health. Her emotions at the time were reflected in the debut album, particularly in the song “listen before i go.”

Today, Eilish says she is feeling a lot better. “There was a period where I cried every single day of my life, when I was like 13, 14, 15,” she said. “Every single day I cried. And 17, 18 I cried barely at all. I’m proud to say I barely cry anymore and its one thing I’ve overcome. This is a big deal. Not that it’s wrong to cry, but it’s a good thing I feel happier in my life and I don’t want to cry anymore.”

You can listen to their conversation here!

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