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Breaking Bad Movie El Camino Is Finally Out!

Your weekend must watch movie!




The highly anticipated Breaking Bad Movie: El Camino is finally here, on Netflix!

The movie will finally answer fans’ questions about what happened to Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) following the series finale.

Netflix’s official also shared behind the scenes from the movie, with “El Camino” stars Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul sharing their thoughts on the movie.

“I think all of our fans will just be so thrilled to see this next chapter,” said Paul. “I think it really gives some closure for this character.”

“The Jesse Pinkman story post-‘Breaking Bad’—I’ve been looking forward to doing this for years,” said Gilligan.

According to Paul, when he first got the script, it was simply titled “Vince Gilligan ‘SPECIAL PROJECT’.” And now “El Camino” is a reality that both he and Gilligan admit felt like coming home.

Watch the behind the scenes below.

Woohoo! Who’s watching this tonight?

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