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BTS Fans Aren’t Happy Over New Lottery System for Concert Tickets

This are going to change their next tour!



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BigHit Entertainment made some huge announcements during the company briefing that have the ARMY very conflicted!

While BTS is on their much needed break BigHit announced some brand new things that fans get to look forward to including a brand new video game and a TV show that will be based around their lives.

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However, the biggest news that seems to be dividing fans is BigHit’s plan to implement a lottery system for BTS concerts, including ones overseas. In their past tours, BTS fans were able to just buy tickets from Ticketmaster without having to sign up for a lottery. Now fans will have to be a member of the BTS official fan club, which is currently $30 plus shipping and comes with all kinds of goodies and exclusive content!

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Soompi reports that BigHit’s co-CEO, Yoon Seok Jun confirmed the news saying, “The ticketing lottery system will gradually be used for overseas tours to improve fans’ experiences.” It was previously used in BTS’s recent events in Korea”.

According to fans on Twitter, the current lottery system only affects early access seats and floor seating. Even though they are implementing the system as a way to combat scalpers but some fans aren’t happy with the news:

The lottery system is not the only thing that BigHit is changing with their concerts. They have plans to add new fan experiences so that fans can enjoy a festival-like atmosphere before their concerts.

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