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BTS Wins Top Duo/Group And Well Deserved Social Artist At 2019 Billboard Music Awards

And the Top Duo/Group goes to *drum roll* BTS!!



UPDATE: BTS won Top Duo/ Group and the Social Artist awards at Billboard Music Awards!

Brace yourselves! BTS is on the scene live at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

As true ARMY fashion upon BTS arrival on the red carpet, screams were heard throughout the venue as their fans prepared to see the boys IRL. The K-pop band is at this year’s show, where they are slated to perform their new song “Boy With Luv” with the gorgeous and one of a kind Halsey. Dressed in their finest outfits from British designer Alexander McQueen, the boys are ready to savour every single moment of a once in a lifetime experience. “Every moment is precious, we’re so happy we can be a part of this with our fans,” one of the singers exclusively told E! News.

They even showed their awesome friendship bracelets they share with Halsey, who actually happened to make them in honour of their album. RM shared, “That was so kind of her, thank you Halsey.”

While the boys are excited to perform at the show, they are most excited to see their friends Khalid and Madonna, and plenty of other “great artists” in attendance. Yes you read that right, BTS are friends with Madonna and fan favourite Khalid! If only we could say we’re friends those celebrities.

Overall, the mood is positive going into the big show, especially with their Saturday Night Live performance under their belt. The guys said that their debut of the song on the SNL star was a huge “honour” and they’re excited for what’s more to come.

Their hit Boy With Luv featuring Halsey released last month has not only broken records but most importantly it has been their fans all-time favourite. Can we blame them? It’s ours too! Despite all the rumours of BTS breaking up circulating around them, they appear to be united than ever. But talks about that rumour might actually come true. Only because in South Korea, all able-bodied male citizens between 18 and 28 are required to enlist in the military. Whether they serve or not depends on other factors, like the results of a physical exam. While athletes and some musicians are excused from the requirement to enlist, for some reason K-pop groups are controversially not.

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