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Camila Cabello Reveals She Almost Didn’t Collab With Shawn Mendes On “Señorita”!

today30 August 2019



Now that we’ve had enough time to coll and simmer down from Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes‘s steamy performance of “Señorita” at the 2019 MTV VMAs, its time to chat! Were not gonna lie were a bit salty because that performance had everything we wanted except for that smooch fro the entire 3 minutes the couple was on stage. They trolled us!

Vogue followed Camila as she got ready for the VMAs and Camila shared some interesting things. While most artists would probably jump at the chance of a collab with Shawn, Camila admitted that she “lost sleep” over their hit single “Señorita.” She said she wasn’t sure about getting on the track.

“It must have been last summer where he sent me the idea for the song, and he was like, ‘Do you want to do this with me?’” Camila said. “I thought it was super cool and it was a few months of back and forth, but I literally lost sleep over it because I was like, ‘My God, I think I do want to do it — maybe I don’t.’”

But as we all know she ultimately said yes! And dare i say it was one of the best decisions of her life?

“We went [into] the studio and figured it out and then filmed the video a week and a half after,” Camila said.

In her video with Vogue, Camila also admitted she’s in a better place than she was last year. “This year I feel a lot more, like I don’t know, in tune with myself”.

Camila has been teasing her new album, though she hasn’t set a release date.

Written by: Varesha

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