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Cardi B Deletes IG After Grammy Win

today12 February 2019



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After getting all the spotlight for her first historical solo female artist win for best rap album, Cardi B has gone Instagram MIA.

Despite getting all the love and support from her fans and an epic success of her debut album Invasion of Privacy, the singer was backlashed with a slew of hateful comments claiming she was undeserving of the honor.

Before deleting, Cardi took to social media to defend her Grammy win, while seeming to also call out those who’ve pinned her against the β€œQueen” rapper, Nicki Minaj, after bagging the Grammy.

“It’s not my style for people to put other people down to uplift somebody else. That’s not my style and that’s not what I’m with. I don’t support that,” she said.

The singer continued “However, I’m seeing a lot of sh*t today and I saw a lot of bullsh*t last night… I work hard for my motherf**kin album. I remember last year when I didn’t win for ‘Bodak Yellow’ and everyone was like ‘Cardi got snubbed…’ Now it’s a motherf**kin problem?! I locked myself in the studio for 3 months, my n***a. Didn’t go to sleep in my bed sometimes for four days, pregnant… while everybody was harassing me like ‘You can’t do it…'”

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Not long after, Cardi deleted the post with praise of her win from Chance the Rapper (which was taken down along with her deleted account)

The Money singer had 40.7 million followers and 575 posts prior to her Instagram disappearance. Hopefully, with the deletion of her account, we hope Cardi finds rest and zen as she takes a step back from the platform.

However, Fans can still find her on Twitter @iamcardib – for now.

Written by: Elyda

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