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Care For Your Mental Health During CMCO! #TerkiniWithNandini

“Find someone, a close friend or maybe a family member that you can rant to”




Being forced to stay home for your safety coupled with reading bad news about the COVID-19 pandemic can be challenging on your mental health. The MCO and CMCO can affect one’s mental health so it’s important to take crucial steps to keep yourself feeling good. So here’s simple steps to keep your mental health on check.

In this episode of #TerkiniwithNandini Fly’s AM Mayhem and Nandini discuss how important and steps to take to keep your mental health in check.

Nandini and Fly’s AM Mayhem agree that your mental health is very important and they themselves have taken simple steps to keep them feeling good during MCO and CMCO during this challenging time especially for those who are medically diagnosed with a mental illness.

” Alot of people already have existing mental health issues but with social distancing and the pandemic, I think a lot of people are not doing so well. I see some of them on Instagram, social media posting about how they’ve been feeling, so a lot of people have clinical anxiety and some of them they’re anxiety is so bad but they’ve run our of medication, because of their anxiety they cant even  muster the will to go and get their meds. So it’ s making them worse.

Every time some were to ask me, I’m fine, I am not diagnosed for any mental health issues so whenever im feeling a little down, so this are people who are not on medication yeah. cause I’m not a professional  and i just do whatever works for me, SO what i do is I tune out. Everyone has that one thing that will make them feel a little better. Maybe is reading a certain kind of material, maybe its talking to someone on the phone. For me its usually watching TV shows!” – Nandini

Many have found it freeing when talking to an ally or a family member about the issues they might be facing, hence why it is encouraged to open up and pour our your feelings.

“If you find someone, a close friend or maybe a family member that you can rant to, it’s good for your mental health cause if you’re going to keep it all inside you’re just gonna blow up, you’re gonna explode!” – Guibo

“Even though you’re stuck at home, you have the necessary resources to call up your friend, even if its just a few minutes, it means a whole lot to that other person who’s probably going through some stuff and the reason why is because at least you have someone there that’s thinking about you. Kinda of like a life line as well.

Like for me I know and I have a lot of friends that’s dealing with a lot of depression, anxiety issues and now they cant really see they’re therapist like when Nandini says to get their medications that they need to kinda go through the day. So I’ve been reading up a lot about mental health and taking courses about it, whenever I go through maybe like an anxiety attack for example one thing that’s very good and useful is this thing called the five senses test, its very easy where you kind of gather yourself  and you look for 5 things that you see, and then look for 4 things that you hear and then look for 3 things that you can feel so you’re gathering up your senses so you’re focusing more on what you are inside so that you don’t have  an all out panic attack as well. 2 things that you can taste and one thing that you can smell.” – RD

Some of us have taken social media as our vent out space.


“I’ve also come to realize that a lot of people are ranting online as in like their kind of expressing their thoughts and feelings online to the their followers, just putting it out there. I think that’s also kind of healthy, I mean a lot of people may beg to differ but I don’t see anything wrong with it if you really feel like stuck and you feel like going on your insta story or whatever and just talking about it. And I often feel like people response with a lot of kindness. Not always but if you keep your circle clean you know, then people will reach out kindly.” – Nandini

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How do you deal with your mental health during #MCO? 🤔 #FlyAMMayhem #TerkiniWithNandini

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In conclusion, do no neglect your your metal health its just as important as your pysical health if not more, and for those of us who are coping lets look out and step up for our friends and families who need support cause #KitaJagaKita.

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