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10 Cartoons You Never Knew Were Voiced By Celebrities

Try watching back these films again and you will be able to listen and capture the famous actors voices!



We’ve come to love and know certain actors from our favourite series or films as their eccentric characters, such as Kim Soo-hyun from It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and Kerry Washington on Scandal. However, many of our best loved actors have also dabbled in the voice over industry. Scroll down to find out which one of your favourite actors have lent their voices to fantastic animated characters, that many we grew up with.

1. Ellen DeGeneres as Dory  — Finding Nemo 

Ellen DeGeneres as Dory in the ever loved Disney film ‘Finding Nemo’. As a 90s kid I watched every Disney film there was on repeat and it was the longest time before I found out that the TV show personality, Ellen was the voice of the unforgettable animated character Dory. However, now when I see Ellen I only hear Dory; Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

2.Rihanna as Gratuity ‘Tip‘ Tucci — Home 

Rihanna could have a career as a voice over artist if she wanted too. She proved to be a great one as her character Tip, in the animation film ‘Home’. Is there anything she can’t do? She is a woman with many talents. You should definitely check the film out at least for Rihanna. She voiced alongside stars like Jennifer Lopez and Jim Parsons.

3. Alec Baldwin as Baby Boss  — Baby Boss

Baby Boss, the animated film about the most unusual Boss Baby arrives at Tim’s home in a taxi, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase, who is  an undercover spy. And you wouldn’t guess who is the voice of Baby Boss, its none other that actor Alec Baldwin. A hilarious character voiced by the talented Alec Baldwin.

4. Taylor Swift as Audrey — Lorax 

Taylor Swift pushed her singing skills aside and voiced for the character Audrey in the film Lorax back in 2012. An animated film that encourages people and youngsters to preserve nature to live a longer healthier life. She voiced along actor Zac Efron who voiced the main character Ted and Danny De Vito who voiced Lorax. Bet you didn’t know that, did you ?


5. Angelina Jolie as Tigress — Kung Fu Panda Franchise

Do you remember the female lead character in the 2008 animated film Kung Fu Panda? Tigress with the sultry voice and kick*** attitude, well it shouldn’t be a shock that Angelina Jolie was the voice of Tigress! Pretty much a dead giveaway, with her husky tone and chopping moves, I can’t imagine anyone else as the voice of the character.

6. Will Smith as The Genie — Aladdin 

A bonus voice character you should check out is the ‘Aladdin’ live re adaptation, voiced by none other than Will Smith himself as Genie. All my 90s kids, rub your lamps cause Genie has three wishes to grant.  Will Smith had some big shoes to fill. Robin Williams did an exceptional job at voicing Genie in the animated film Aladdin. Will not only have to voice the loved character he also has to act him out.  He did a great job BTW!

7. Ariana Grande as Laura — Underdogs

Ariana Grande is known for her incredible singing voice, but now fans will get to hear her in an entirely different light. She lent her angelic voice to the free-spirited Laura!

8. Alexander Gould (aka Shane Botwin) as Nemo — Finding Nemo 

The character Nemo although a fish, played a huge role in our growing up stages. Alexander Gould was the reason behind it all, thanks for making our childhood memories all the better! 

9. George Clooney as the doctor — South Park

Although not a prominent character, I do think he did an amazing job. Had to replay his voice in my head to actually catch George’s voice.

10. Justin Timberlake was the guy who said “I’m lovin’ it” in the McDonald’s commercials

I know this isn’t an animated character but you have to admit, this fact blew my mind.

Try watching back these films again and you will be able to listen and capture the famous actors voices!


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