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There seem to be not one but TWO!

Yup! There are a fair few celebrity twins around we just never really knew about.

Don’t worry…we got you!

Scarlett & Hunter Johansson

Yes the Black Widow indeed has a twin!

Gisele & Patricia Bünchen

Gisele’s sister was also a model but later became Gisele’s manager.

Ashton & Michael Kutcher

The actor’s twin suffers from Cerebral Palsy. He began modelling to make money to help contribute to his brother’s medical expenses.

Jon & Dan Heder

Gotta do a double take here…there seems to be two Napoleon Dynamites. While Jon takes the screen, Dan works as an animator.

Judy & Joselin Reyes

This Devious Maid’s star has a twin who is also an actor. Joselin has appeared on Law & Order.

Eva & Joy Green

These two are rather different. Eva, a famous actor while her twin Joy, studied business and is married to an Italian count.

Vin Diesel & Paul Vincent

Yes…Vin has a fraternal twin brother who shares the same first name as his late co-star and close friend, Paul Walker.

Rami & Sami Malek

This star has a twin who works as a teacher! Imagine if you had a teacher who looked exactly like Mr. Robot…bizarre!

Cole & Dylan Sprouse

Well…we knew they were twins, this is just for some eye candy!

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