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China Finally Bans Trading And Consumption Of Exotic Wildlife Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

A legislative spokesman said the decision comes at a “critical moment for the epidemic prevention and control”.



Civet cats on sale at a market in Guangzhou in 2004.Dustin Shum/South China Morning Post

China has banned the buying, selling, and eating of wild animals after the practice was linked to the COVID-19 epidemic that has spread across the world

According to official state-run XinHua News, China’s legislature has immediately prohibited the trading and consumption of wildlife on Monday, 24 February, to prevent future spread of zoonotic diseases jumping from animals to people.

Business Insider reported that the new coronavirus disease, which has killed almost 2,700 people in China alone, is suspected to have been transmitted to humans by pigs, civets, or pangolins sold at the Huanan Wholesale Market in Wuhan.

A legislative spokesman said the decision to ban China’s wildlife farming industry, valued at USD74 billion (RM312 billion), was both urgent and necessary

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