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Combine Your Daily Activities With Eureka Popcorn

Not 1… not 2… not even 3… BUT 4 DIFFERENT TASTY POPCORN FLAVORS!!!




Popcorn is the perfect snack whenever you are feeling hungry or simply just want to satisfy your guilty pleasure. It is also being known as the healthy and nutritious snack that is made from whole grain and packed with fiber!

We constantly had popcorn at a movie theater where it is a concession stand staple. But little do you know that different flavors of popcorn, can also be eaten according to the activities that you are doing right now?

Here are the 4 most highly rated flavors by Eureka Popcorn that you must have when you are carrying out your daily activities!

Kimchi Flavored

‘Oppa, saranghae…’ Night binging K-Dramas has officially become our must-do activity every night before we sleep. We often binge onto the hottest Korean dramas or movies with our loved ones and friends.

Related image

But, what goes well while we are watching K-Dramas? Kimchi Flavored Popcorn, of course! The spicy and hint of the sour taste of Kimchi incorporated into the crunchy popcorn gives you the feeling of being in Korea as you walk on the streets of Seoul!

Pssst, it can even help to fight Korean food cravings at night too! Jal-moke-get-sum-nida!

Barbecue Flavored

Friends are important to us, we can share our happiness and grief with them without any worries. But do you know what food is the most suitable to eat during friends’ gathering or celebration? Barbecue Flavored popcorn!

The talk and laugh around the BBQ fire grill or even a celebration among the friends are usually what we do when we hang out with our friends.


Image result for bbq party gif zac efron

The aromatic taste of grilled BBQ sauce surrounded the crunchy ball of popcorn will definitely help to impress your friends when you watch a football match, or even celebrate a birthday party with them!

Sharing a tube of Barbecue Flavored popcorn can also bring the friendship closer as you can pass it around to each and everyone around you!

Wasabi Flavored

Now imagine this — You just had a good day at work, and in that very mood you’re anticipating to reach home. You started driving happily.

Then, there is a long halt, as a traffic jam piled up ahead. It’s making you cranky, stressed and sleepy, right?

Image result for stuck in traffic jam gif jim carrey

But hey, don’t let it ruin your mood! Wake yourself up with Wasabi Flavored Popcorn!

Fueling up spikes your blood sugar so you’re less likely to feel drowsy and unfocused. So, turn on the radio and munch away while you’re on the road. The spiciness of the wasabi will definitely keep you focused yet cool in the situation.

Heading home already?

Cheese Flavored

So you thought the scary part was over after she said yes when you asked her out, but now you’re realizing that was just the beginning. Now you actually have to follow through with a successful date.

Image result for then is a date gif

See, you only get one chance to make a good impression on the first date. Do it right with Cheese Flavored Popcorn!

Take your guy/gal on the perfect picnic date. It’s all about romance and bonding time with your partner. You can have a cute moment feeding your partner with the creamy and rich cheese popcorn. Now you can get all cheesy with your partner!

You’re welcome!

If all these activities are very routine for you, you gotta have these popcorns. Get it now and more from Eureka! Choose your favorites from Eureka outlets in major shopping malls and also from Tesco, Aeon, 7-11 or Family Mart nearby now!

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